BBNaija 2021: Week 1 Wildcard Nomination Result For Housemate Eviction in Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2021

BBNaija 2021: Week 1 Wildcard Nomination Result For Housemate Eviction in Big Brother Naija (BBN) 2021

Wild Card Nomination For Housemates Eviction In BBNaija 2021

Big Brother Naija Season 6 came with a twist. This time around, the housemates are to identify two wildcards and have them evicted. If they fail to point out the wildcards, the wildcards will continue to compete with them in the show for the grand prize of N90 million.

Wild cards are two fake housemates Big Brother planted among the real housemates. Sunday being eviction day, the housemates are to nominate the wild cards and have them evicted. We bring you the results from the nomination for BBN 2021 week 1.

The search for the wildcards has ended and the housemates failed to nominate Maria and Pere who are the wildcards. From the nominations, it’s evident that Jaypal and Liquorose looked more suspicious as the wildcards while no one expected Maria. Only Whitemoney got Pere right. It looks like Maria related so well with them that they need her in the house than sending her away. Per the results, Maria and Pere will remain in the house and they are free from eviction next week as they are the ones to nominate housemates for eviction.

Housemate up for Eviction in Week 1 BBNaija 2021

If the housemates fail to evict the BBNaija 2021 Wildcards (Maria and Pere), the wildcards will be given exclusive power to nominate housemates on Monday for eviction.


Big Brother Naija 2021 Week 1 Nomination Results (Wildcard Nomination Results)

Below is the nomination results for Week 1 Wildcard nomination show in Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) 2021:

1. Whitemoney Pere and Liquorose
2. Princess Beatrice and Arin
3. Jaypaul Emmanuel and Beatrice
4. Arin Jaypaul and Liquorose
5. Cross Jaypaul and Liquorose
6. Niyi Jaypaul and Liquorose
7. Angel Jaypaul and Liquorose
8. Saga Jaypaul and Liquorose
9. Tega Emmanuel and Saskay
10. Emmanuel Jaypaul and Liquorose
11. Sammie Beatrice and Yerins
12. Yerins Yousef and Princess
13. Jackie B Beatrice and Yerins
14. Saskay Liquorose and Yerins
15. Pere Whitemoney and Jaypaul
16. Nini Jaypaul and Liquorose
17. Yousef Jaypaul and Beatrice
18. Beatrice Jaypaul and Arin
19. Boma Beatrice and Yerins
20. Liquorose Beatrice and Yerins
21. Maria Whitemoney and Jaypaul
22. Peace Jaypaul and Liquorose
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