How To Increase Your Internal Storage On Your Android Phone Without Deleting any File


How To Increase Your Internal  Storage On Your Android Phone Without Deleting any File


The most common and annoying problem with Android Phones this days is getting your phone hooking up (Slowing to perform some certain tasks which you might need urgently).

You may be receiving some pop up Messages like Internal Space Running low, Unfortunately Application Stopped. We all know how this can be painful at times most especially when you want to do something so important on your Android Phone and you have limit time or Battery to do this. Now, we have identified the Problem, but I believe not all of us know what is the cause of this problem. Actually, this Problem is caused by Shortage of Storage on your Device either RAM or ROM. The Fastness of your Phone depend on this two things, if you have excess storage then you have great access to enjoy quick response from Your Phone without hooking up.
Now, we have identified the Problem, now How can we solve the Problem? This is another Big Questions but relax, I’m here to provide you a way out.
How To
1. Clear Your Application Cache: 
Before I proceed, I will want you to know what you want to Clear and Why it Should be Cleared.
The Application Cache (or AppCache ) give access to developer to specify which files the browser should cache and make available to offline users. Your app will load and work perfectly, even if the user presses the refresh button while they’re offline.
Why Should it be Cleared?
 The “ cached ” data used by your joined Android apps can quickly take up more than a gigabyte of storage space. These caches of data are  just junk files, and they can be safely deleted to free up storage space.
How do I clear App Cache?
Go to your PHONE SETTINGS  > APPS > Now Find any App that have more than 50MB as Storage on the App.

Now let us use YouTube as an example, now I will Click on YouTube and I see this

Click on Storage > Clear Data or Cache > Go back and you see the difference

From 197MB to 51MB… The difference is Cleared.

Don’t Clear App Data everytime,  it will be the same as ReInstalling the App again… You may loose some data. Just clear Cache, and if the need arise Clear Data. 
2. Use of Google Drive:
Google Drive is another app by Google To Help you store all your files (Pictures, Musics, Videos, PDFs and others) for many years as long as you remember your email and Password. It is the best storage App that give you back your quality you save if you needed it. Most of all Android phone have Google Drive,  so don’t bother about how to download, just register with your Email and start Storing your important files.
Google Drive gives 16GB free for storage and you can increase this by adding another email account.
Now,  Upload your Files on Google Drive,  Delete the Uploaded Files on your Internal Storage to free up your Phone. You can get the file back by downloading straight to your phone when you are in need of it. And after use,  you can delete the file again. Don’t panic, your file is still save permanently on Google Drive.
3. Use xmanager (Infinix Users) : 
I have being laying much emphasis more on how to increase ROM Storage, now let’s talk about RAM now.

I don’t know much about other phones, but every Infinix Phone come with Xmanager App, if you don’t have this, you can download from PlayStore as well. You can use the App to view your RAM storage.

You can Click on Acceleration, or Long Press on Minimize Button and Cancel out some unused app you opened before.
Now see the latest


It is always advisable for your phone to have nothing less than 1GB Free Space on your Internal Storage (Rom). Google playstore support this, that why you have a problem if you want to install an App from PlayStore and recommending you to Uninstall some of your App first before you have Access to the New One. 
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