Top 5 Free VPNs of 2022


Top 5 Free VPNs of 2022

Today we are going to be talking about the top 5 free VPNs of 2020

Here are top 5 free VPN you can use 2022

What is a VPN?

It  is a virtual private network that hides your IP and your location when browsing it gives you access to download and access different content from different sites irrespective of the country you are.

they’re are many VPNs out there but the majority of them are paid so today I am going to show you 5  free VPNs of 2020 the ones you can use without paying a dime.

Even after the fact that these VPNs are free, they come with few limitations as a free user, if you ask for my advice I will advise you to go for a paid VPN as some free VPNs are annoying some show ads while using them and some quit at a point.
Well let’s get you started:

1. Hotspot shield:

Hotspot shield is the best free VPN you can find out there easy to use and secure while using it you might get some few annoying ads a free user and on the free plan you are limited to 500 MB of data per day that’s around 15 gigabytes of data per month so if you can’t afford to pay a couple of dollars to use a VPN for the month you can use this VPN.


2. Yoga VPN:

 Yoga VPN is also a free alternative out there the VPN is also fast and you get points for opening the app you get points from watching ads you get points from referring users and you can use the points to access the VPN as a premium user so if you can afford to pay for a VPN then you can try out yoga.


3.  ProtonVPN

Proton gives out a free VPN and alongside a paid plan it gives you absolutely unlimited data without paying a penny. The cons of using proton free plan are that it gives you access to only three locations and one device.

4. Windscribe VPN:

it’s also a nice alternative I’ll get it keeps you 10 gig bundle with monthly does she work at and also gives out few locations you can access monthly well as I said earlier I don’t advise you to use a free VPN because it can disconnect at any time.


The free version of asphalt speed and 10 gig bandwidth monthly it’s a nice alternative
Select one out of these options and enjoy a free VPN.
But if you change your mind and want a premium VPN go for Nord VPN it’s fast secure I’m currently offering a one-year Nord VPN account for just $10 that 3600 naira


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